Twilight 2 New Moon Is Now Officially Released

Yes, Bella's and Edward's fans from all over the world!!! Finally, Twilight Saga New Moon is officially released in theaters as of November 20, 2009. I am sure many are now looking for ways on how to watch Twilight 2 online free. It's a bad thing it's not yet available. Sigh.

Anyway, millions of teenagers are really excited. So do I, even though I am no longer a teen, I still will definitely watch it. I follow Bella's and Edward's love story... I love Robert Pattinson...

It's another sequel about a vampire and human love story. It will surely be a talk-of-the-town movie that if you miss it, you are out of the circle.

So, if you have the free time this weekend, take some bucks from your pocket, connect with friends, set a plan to watch the film, grab some pop corn, and enjoy. It will definitely an enjoyable weekend that you will definitely forget your homework, and any other activity except to watch it.

Have fun...

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My Mind Is Getting Sassy This Weekend

Yes, I thought I am getting crazy this Saturday night knowing I will be able to Watch Cotto vs Pacquiao Online. Yipppeeee. I don't have subscription to HBO Payperview so I thought witnessing the match on the internet would be my only choice. It's a good thing there are free websites offering such.

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I am really really excited. Why? Because I am a big fan of Manny Pacquiao and I can't wait to witness his another victory. I am sure he will be richer again. Who could have thought that at the age of 30, he is now a multi-millionaire in the Philippines? Many really envies him. It's not only that he has the money, he also has a beautiful wife, lovely kids, and charming Mommy D.

Aside from this, before the boxing match, I will also Watch UFC 105 Online Free. Who isn't as excited as me? I am a big boxing and mma fan and this weekend is both exciting and fun-filled night.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Stars Hillary Duff

Are you one of the follower of Gossip Girl? If you do, I am sure we are all aware that the third season premiers on the CW on September 14, 2009.

Hilary Duff joined the for a multi-episode guest appearance in this season as Olivia Burke, a famous movie star who wants a normal college experience, and eventually starts dating Dan Humphrey. This character was inspired by real life actress Emma Watson's decision to attend university.

Joanna Garcia also joined the show for the first four episodes as Brie Buckley, an "evil Miss America" type from the Archibalds' rival family. Tyra Banks appeared in the fourth episode as Ursula Nyquist, a larger than life actress, for whom Serena Van Der Woodsen temporarily works as a publicitor.

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Also appearing was Sonya Harum, an up and coming actress, and designers Tory Burch and Georgina Chapman.

Music group Sonic Youth made a guest appearance in the season's fifth episode, "Rufus Getting Married", where they played an acoustic version of their song "Starpower" at Rufus and Lily's wedding.

Lady Gaga will make an appearance in an episode titled "The Last Days of Disco Stick".

Also, Gina Torres has been confirmed to play a recurring role as Vanessa's mother, Gabriela Abrams, later on in the season.

Desmond Harrington will return to the show in episode 15 as Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass.Willa Holland, who played Jenny's model friend Agnes, confirmed on her Twitter account that she'll appear in Gossip Girl again.

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Survivor Samoa Winner Soon

I am a big fan of Survivor Series. For the 19th season of the said TV series shown on CBS, Survivor Samoa started September 17, 2009 with 20 contestants. Here are the contestants:

Marisa Calihan, 26, Cincinnati, OH
Mike Borassi, 62, Marina del Rey, CA
Betsy Bolan, 48, Campton, NH
Ben Browning, 28, Los Angeles, CA
Yasmin Giles, 33, Los Angeles, CA
Ashley Trainer, 22, Maple Grove, MN
Russell Swan, 42, Glenside, PA
Elizabeth "Liz" Kim, 33, New York City, NY
Erik Cardona, 28, Ontario, CA
Dave Ball, 38, Los Angeles, CA
Brett Clouser, 23, Los Angeles, CA
John Fincher, 25, Los Angeles, CA
Russell Hantz, 36, Dayton, TX
Laura Morett, 39, Salem, OR
Monica Padilla, 25, San Diego, CA
Jaison Robinson, 28, Chicago, IL
Kelly Sharbaugh, 25, West Hollywood, CA
Mick Trimming, 33, Los Angeles, CA
Shannon "Shambo" Waters, 45, Renton, WA
Natalie White, 26, Van Buren, AR

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