Celebrity Pics in Boracay - Holy Week Escapade

A collection of Celebrity Pictures, Images, and Photos in Boracay like Zanjoe Marudo,
Paolo Contis, Michelle Madrigal, Mark Herras, Mariel Rodriguez, Marianna del Rio, Maja Salvador, Dennis Laurel, Ehra Madrigal, Isabel Oli, Roxanne Guinoo, which were shot during the Holy Week.

Zanjoe Marudo Boracay PicsPaolo Contis Boracay Pics
Zanjoe Marudo and Paolo Contis in Boracay
michelle madrigal boracay picsmark herras boracay pics
Michelle Madrigal and Mark Herras in Boracay
mariel Rodriguez Boracay picsMarianna del Rio boracay pics
Mariel Rodriguez and Marianna del Rio in Boracay
Maja Salvador Boracay PicsDennis Laurel Boracay Pics
Maja Salvador and Dennis Laurel in Boracay

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