David Archuleta - Angels on American Idol April 8 Lyrics + Video

Yipeee, it's David Archuleta's turn. I love this kid. Anyway, American Idol Top 8 finalist David Archuleta sings Angels by Robbie Williams on his April 8, 2008 American Idol performance. David said that the message of the lyrics of Angels is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Below are the judges comments on David Archuleta, lyrics of Angels and Youtube video clip. In case you haven't viewed his performance yet (4/9/2008) because of time delay, enjoy watching... and yelling (woot). David played the piano, and it was cool.

Judges comments on David Archuleta 4/8/2008
Randy said "Other that it was an amazing song... that's the David Archuleta I love. That was your hottest moment the whole season. Crazy, crazy hot. I love it"; Paula said "You know what, that was something up for me. Fantastic." Simon said "It was the best song choice of the night... but I thought it was a bit nasally... but you’ll gonna sail through.

David Archuleta - Angels Youtube Video clip 4/8/2008

David Archuleta - Angels Lyrics 4/8/2008
I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate
and do they know
the places where we go
when were grey and old
Cos Ive been told
That salvation lets their wings unfold
So when Im lying in my bed
Thoughts running through my head
and I feel that love is dead
Im loving angels instead

And through it all she offers me protection
A lot of love and affection
whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life wont break me
when I come to call she wont forsake me
Im loving angels instead

Oh, Im loving angels instead

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