Christina Aguilera Us Weekly Magazine June 2008 Covergirl

Christina Aguilera Us Weekly Magazine CovergirlMy favorite singer, Christina Aguilera, is back and she is on the cover of US Weekly magazine second issue for the month of June. As we can see on the title of the mag "How I got my body back", she has lost 40 pounds since giving birth to her son Max in January.

Wow... as in amazing!!! How did she do that? The answers are inside the magazine itself. If you are interested, feel free to buy the magazine ;0

I got some excerpt of the interview from Celebrity Babies and here are some of her answers:

On seeing her body change during pregnancy:
I couldn’t help but embrace it. You just want what’s best for your baby. I tried not to get carried away, but I wanted to splurge a little.

On her fitness and diet plan:
Christina started doing a mix of cardio, weights, and stretching for 90 minutes, five times a week in late February with her longtime trainer, Tee Sorge. Six days a week, Christina follows a protein, veggie, and whole grain-heavy diet; since she is breastfeeding, she consumes at least 1770 calories to keep milk supply steady. Sundays are her cheat day — Christina loves chili cheese fries!

Buy your own copy now for more ;0

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