PBB Eviction Night - Jolas Paguia Is Evicted

PBB Teen Edition Plus Second Eviction Night Jolas Paguia Is Evicted PBB Eviction NightPBB Teen Edition Plus May 3 Eviction Night. Jolas Paguia, the gentle giant of Bulacan got the boot from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus last night's eviction.

Here's the ranking of housemates according to votes:
1. Robi
2. Josef
3. Rona
4. Jolas

Jolas only got 8.66%, Josef 29.43%, Rona 17.09%, and Robi 44.82%.

Jolas’ laziness and not helping out with the household chores were perhaps the reasons why only few viewers voted for him. Daddy Ike, Jolas’ father, also went out.

Goodbye Jolas!!! Now, we only have 10 remaining housemates namely Ejay Falcon, Robi Domingo, Marc Josef Elizalde, Alex Anselmuccio, Nicole Kim Uysiuseng, Beauty Gonzalez, Priscilla Navidad, Valerie Weignmann, Nan Clenuar, and Rona Libby. Who will be nominated next on the PBB teen Edition Plus nomination tonight? Let's watch out ;0

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