PBB Teen Edition Plus Guardian Big Night Results

PBB Teen Edition Plus Guardian Big Night ResultsThe Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Guardian Big Night results was revealed last night, May 17, 2008... who won among the remaining four guardians? It's no other than my bet. Hehehe. I really thought he will win because he's the only guy out there. Just kidding. I think Daddy Erning won because viewers knew he really deserve to be the One.

Anyway, here's the result of the PBB Teen Edition Plus Guardian Big Night:

Guardian 4th Big Placer - My Love (Nan's mom) who got 6.64% text votes

Guardian 3rd Big Placer - Sandy (Nicole's mom) who got 13.98% text votes

Guardian 2nd Big Placer - Minda (Alex's Mom) who got 16.22% text votes

Guardian Big Winner - Erning (Ejay's Dad) who got 65.16% text votes

By the way, Priscilla was booted off and went home tonight ;0

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I hate Beauty. She has a personality disorder, she's a Histrionic person.

She voted her mom out because she craves for attention. Bo it isn't a conscious effort but stil... I don't like her.

Mon said...
May 19, 2008 at 3:41 AM  

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