Pinoy Idol and Pinoy Idol Extra Schedules

Pinoy Idol and Pinoy Idol Extra Schedules: Pinoy Idol Top 12 Boys PerformanceHere's a Pinoy Idol Updates on Pinoy Idol Top 12 guys and girls performance. Since American IdolSeason 7 ended yesterday after finally announcing that David Cook is the winner, Philippines' version is currently looking for our very own. The Pinoy Idol Top 12 guys performance will be aired tonight, May 23 right after “Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita”.

We all know that only six of the boys will move forward to the semi-finals. The question is: Who will make it to the Top 6 boys? Will it be - Dio Paolo of Bacolod, JJ Jr. of Bataan, Robby Navarro of Pampanga, Bev Ejercito of Davao, Warren Antig of Baguio City, Sherwin Marquez of Tuguegarao, Walton Zerrudo, Toffer Rei of Marikina, Ram Chaves of Cagayan de Oro, Daryl Celis of Rizal, Kid Camaya of Pampanga, or Vren Villaflor?

On Saturday night, May 24, the top 12 girls will take the stage. It will follow the original schedule of Pinoy Idol around 7:00 PM just before Bitoy’s Funniest Videos. Among the remaining 12 girls who are Regene Ong of Quezon City, Mae Flores of Marikina, Jayann Bautista of Pampanga, Elliot Andal of Batangas, Meryl David of Bicol, Sue Ellen Cubing, Drizzle Muniz, Rye Estrada of Iloilo, Gretchen Espina of Biliran, Jeni Rawolle of Iloilo, Carol Leus of Batangas, and Penelope of Batangas, who will be the strongest?

The first result show will take place on Sunday, May 25, where 2 guys and 2 girls will be eliminated. It will take the timeslot of “Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok” which is currently taking a break to give way for Pinoy Idol.

Raymond Gutierrez will host the program 3 times a week for 1 month. Then after the Top 12 has chosen, it will be twice a week with the performance show on Saturdays and the result show on Sundays.

See you all during the Pinoy Idol days!!! I will keep you posted ;0

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