Pinoy Idol First Elimination Results - May 25

Pinoy Idol First Elimination Results on May 25Who was eliminated on the Pinoy Idol first elimination night on Sunday, May 25, 2008? If you missed watching yesterday's night episode, I am pretty sure this is the question popping in your mind right now.

Four (two girls and two boys) among the Pinoy Idol Top 24 finalists were eliminated last night. Who are they? No other than Dio Paolo of Bacolod, Elliot Andal of Batangas, Drizzle Muniz, and Bev Ejercito of Davao. Obviously, they got the lowest text votes that's why they were booted out.

Only 20 of them remain to continue their fight to be the first Pinoy Idol.

Let's watch this Friday for the Pinoy Idol Top 10 boys performance right after Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita. On Saturday, right after Kap's Amazing Stories, you can watch the Pinoy Idol Top 10 girls performance. Eliminition will follow on Sunday ;0

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