Shy - PBB Teen Edition Plus House Player

Shy - PBB Teen Edition Plus HouseplayerShy is the houseplayer of this season’s Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. She entered the House on Sunday, May 4, 2008 wearing a mask.

Similar to Big Brother US’s “America’s Player”, the house player ng bayan will not be taking orders from Big Brother. Instead, the house player’s task will depend upon the votes of the viewers. Everyday the viewers will be asked a poll question and whichever the viewers wants, Shy will act it out as her task.

Shy’s first mission is to convince the teen housemates that she has a big crush on Josef. That was the result of the first poll maybe because the viewers are sick of the Nicole and Josef love-team.

Shy's second special task: The poll was “Sino sa mga housemates ang gusto ninyong i-handcuff ni Shy?”. The choices were A. Robi, B. Valerie, and C. Alex. After the votes were cast, Robi got 50% of the text votes. This means, it’s Robi whom Shy should handcuff while sleeping.

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