Chivas Malunda Left Pinoy Dream Academy

Chivas Malunda PDA 2 ScholarChivas Malunda, a Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 scholar, goes home yesterday, June 27 during the PDA Uberture hosted by Billy Crawford. It was a very emotional scene actually. He and his wife Bunny Malunda were so sweet and emotional during he parting moments. Both were crying for their temporary separation, but the show must go on...

Since he entered the academy, Chivas was admitted to the hospital twice. On the first incident, he collapsed because of hyperventilation. The second happened last night when he collapsed again, this time because of severe migraine.

The mentors, especially PDA Season 2 Headmaster, Ryan Cayabyab, decided to drop him out of the Academy because they could not risk his health and also Bunny’s, who has been constantly worrying about him. Because of this exit, the expulsion for this week has been suspended. The voting is officially suspended - without the knowledge of the probationary scholars of course.

Thank God. Laarni Losala is safe... but not happy because Inaki Ting is safe as well. I am opting He (Inaki) will go home soon because I don't like him inside the academy - also he has no singing talent.

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