June 8: Pinoy Idol Third Elimination Results

June 8: Pinoy Idol Third Elimination ResultsPinoy Idol once again had it's elimination night earlier tonight, June 8, 2008. Wanna guess who were eliminated? They are no other than Walton Zerrudo, 25-year-old from Laguna and Meryl David, a 23-year-old from Bicol.

I wasn't surprised with the result actually because I think there's no one left who has the real talent and star potential. I was opting for Vren Villaflor. Who wouldn't? She was the best. Unfortunately, she was voted off last week.

Only 14 Pinoy Idol hopefuls remain to compete for the title.

Just a recommendation for the staffs of Pinoy Idol in case you are reading this post. I have nothing against Raymond Gutierrez. In my opinion, he is a good host but being good is not enough. He needs improvement in terms of his hosting style with the show. He really bores us, honestly. He is so tight. He needs to loosen up and be lively.

As for the judges, they lack constructive criticisms. Masyado silang mabait. Just a thought coming from a sassy viewer ;0

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