Pacquiao Vs Diaz Pay-Per-View (Winner, Results, Videos, Ticket Price)

Pacquiao Vs Diaz Winner, Pacquiao Vs Diaz Results, Pacquiao Vs Diaz VideosPacquiao Vs Diaz Live via Pay-Per-View (PPV) : The so-called Lethal Combination boxing fight will soon happen in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on June 28 live on HBO pay-per-view. That's one day from now. However, if you are from the Philippines, you can watch it for free on June 29, Sunday morning via GMA-7. Too bad, it will be delayed for sure. Lucky those who have cable connection as they can watch it live via PPV.

So who will be the Pacquiao vs Diaz winner? I bet Manny will win - it's not only because he is my fellow Filipino, but my gut feeling tells me so ;0

I can't wait for the Pacquiao vs Diaz results on Sunday. If ever Manny wins again, he will be dubbed as the first Asian boxer who won four world title. Cool.

Anyway, in case you will miss watching the match live via Pay-per-view, you can still watch some video clips in Youtube. But of course, it will be no longer live. Better than not, ayt?

***Updated as of today June 29, 2008 12:12 PM Philippine Time: Manny Pacquiao is the winner. He is now the new WBC lightweight champion. He beats Diaz during the 9th round. Yippeee!!! Congratulations to those who bet for Manny!!!

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