Pinoy Dream Academy 2 - 2nd Probation Night

Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) 2 - 2nd Probation NightJet Singh and Sheng Belmonte are the probationary scholars for this week after getting the lowest grades based from their second GALA performance last Saturday night.

Cris Pastor and Bea Monuz were also part of the bottom four. Bea was saved by the mentors while Cris was saved by the other scholars. I think Sheng and Cris has the lowest score among others. Good thing Cris is loved by the scholars so she is no longer in probationary status.

I can't believe Inaki Ting is safe. I was opting him to go home soon because I don't like him inside the academy because of his bad attitude, considering that he has no voice too. I am so glad Laarni is doing good, especially now that she switched org. She is talented and might be one of the Top 3.

Anyway, start voting now. I think Sheng deserve to stay while Jet should go home. Ang tigas kasi ng ulo nya... at wala syang "K" na manatili sa loob ;0

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