Bachelorette Winner, Finale, Spoilers 2008

Bachelorette Winner, Finale, SpoilersWho wins the Bachelorette finale? Deanna Pappas is the Bachelorette for this fourth season. The Bachelorette 25 contestants were Jeremy Anderson, Jason Mesnik, Jesse Csincsak, Graham Bunn, Sean Ramey, Blaine Twilley, Brian Westendorf, Fred Greif, Robert Fair, Paul Brosseau, Richard Mathy, Ron Mayer, Chris Bradshaw, Eric, Ryan Hoag, Brian Winchester, Chandler Fulton, Donato Capodanno, Greg, Jeffrey, Jon Konkel, Luke Hamilton, Patrick C., Patrick D., and Spero Stamboulis.

So, who won the Bachelorette? I will update this post once I found out. But I think Jeremy will, based from the number of roses he collected so far.

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