Heath Ledger Joker In The Dark Night: Batman 3 Sequel

Heath Ledger Joker Role In The Dark Night: Batman 3 SequelHeath Ledger played the role of Joker in the Batman 3 sequel: The Dark Night. His performance in the movie is triumphant in every way. He always worked hard to convince people he's much more than a good looking face though it is tragic that the best proof of his immense acting prowess will go on display long after his death last January of a drug overdose.

He does a fantastic, superb, iconic villain. If Chris (Nolan) decides to make a third movie, I don’t know how the hell he’s going to have a superior villain to what he created as the Joker. It’s wonderful to see when an actor just completely immerses himself in a role. He’s portrayed it in a way that nobody’s ever seen before. I do think it’s going to be remembered for the ages. It’s a wonderful thing to have the pleasure of working opposite him and seeing the satisfaction he was getting from playing the Joker.” said Christian Bale about Ledger’s Joker role.

So in case you have haven't or still planning to watch The Dark Night online or in cinemas, better go now... so you'll know how he did as a joker...

Check out the trailer here: The Dark Night Trailer.

Heath Ledger Joker

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