Jamie Lynn Spears Reproduction Rap Video + Lyrics

Jamie Lynn Spears Reproduction Rap Video + LyricsIs it really Jamie Lynn Spears? Nah, the girl on the photo and video in this post is only a look-alike of Jamie Lynn. This video clip was produced by the Los Angeles-based oMovies.com, whic is also responsible for previous YouTube hits like "Paris in Jail" and "Harry Potter in the Hood."

By the way, Jamie Lynn already gave birth June 19, 2008, at age 17. Her daughter's name is Maddie Briann Aldridge.

You can watch the video below and tell me what you think. I will try to find the lyrics of the song and post it here the moment it is available. Thanks. Also, don't forget to watch the Miss Universe 2008 pageant. If you ask me who is the winner of Miss Universe 2008, well, I have no idea yet ;0

Jamie Lynn Spears Reproduction Rap Video

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