Ross Dio Left Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA)

Jun Ross Dio Drops Out PDAPDA Scholar Jun Ross Dio leaves the academy last night. He had two reasons why he decided to go home, first is because his dad needs him and second, he can no longer bear the back-stabbing of him co-scholars particularly is co-groups, One Voice.

Even though the other scholars and teacher Monet disagreed, Ross still proceeded and insisted of going home. Last night, Ross is finally home. However, Jet and Sheng are not safe from being expelled this week. Voting still continues.

Although Ross keep on repeating he is not a quitter, his action speaks it all. He really is a quitter. A lot of people wanting to enter the academy were not given the chance, and Ross just throw the chance. Sayang and chance...

In my opinion, he should have ignored the backstabbing and go with the competition. If he can't face the backstabbing alone, then how can he survive the world of showbiz, which is more harsh ;( Jun Ross is a big disappointment for me... Just a thought!

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