American Idol Season 8 Auditions in Utah

American Idol Season 8Season 8 of American Idol auditions contestants in Salt Lake City, Utah for the first time. It is held at the Energy Solutions Arena (ESA).

Some of hopefuls seemed ready to go, like Sarah Beth Tidwell and her friends from Salem, Utah. She plans to wow the producers with her version of "Fever" from Peggy Lee while others tried to hit the right notes.

Some of the people who auditioned were unaware they will perform in their one-on-one audition. Well, that's normal just like the previous auditions. But what is not normal is that there were few people who turned away at the registration desk. A man named Dan didn't know 28 is the age limit. He's 45 ;0

Can't wait for the American Idol official airing early next year ;0

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