PDA 2 10th Gala Night Performances August 23

Pinoy Dream Academy 2: The 10th Gala performances of the remaining 8 scholars and honorary scholar Poy held at PDA concert Hall earlier tonight, August 23. Each of them performed and had a duet with professional celebrity singers.

- Inaki Ting with Bituin Escalante sung Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner.
- Miguel Mendoza with Sheryn Regis sung Never Ever Say Goodbye by Nonoy Zuniga.
- Laarni Losala and Jed Madela sung The Prayer by Andre Bocelli and Celine Dion.
- Van Pojas with Kitchie Nadal sung Bulong by Kitchie Nadal.
- Cris Pastor with Mr. Richard Poon sung Kissing a Fool by George Michael.
- Sen Nichols with Rachel Alejandro sung Can We Stop and Talk Awhile by Gary V and Kyla.
- Liezel Garcia with Joey of SIDE A sung Tell Me by Joey Albert.
- Bugoy Bogayon with Vina Morales sung Muli by Regine Velasquez and Gary V.
- Poy Palma with Ryan Cayabyab singers sung Living On A Prayer.

Bugoy was the star scholar after getting the highest score of 9.87% both from the jurors and mentors. Inaki Ting was expelled after getting the lowest number of text votes. Also, Sen and Van are the official probationary for this week as they are the two who got the lowest score on their Gala performance. Lastly, tonight was Poy's last inside the academy.

By the way, watch out Laarni's performance on ASAP tomorrow ;0 Here's the video of her performance singing The Prayer with Jed Madela. Video credits to HyperGypsy of Youtube.com

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