Philippines Gold Medal - Wushu in 2008 Beijing Olympics

Finally, the Philippines got a gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Good news? Actually, it was announced via local channel awhile ago so I immediately researched about it to find out if it's for real.

It's so true that the Philippines got the gold medal in the game called wushu. Willy Wang won in the combined events of men’s nanquan and nangun (bare fists) yesterday. However, since wushu is only a demonstration sport, Wang’s victory will not count in the regular medal standings. Yet, still another pride for Filipinos, ayt?

Benjie Rivera and Mary Jane Estimar also received bronze medals in the said demonstration sport after defeating their opening-phase opponents. Rivera beat Kamel Mohamed of Egypt 2-0 in the men’s 56kg sanshou (combat) event, while Estimar won over Ambra Vielmi of Italy 2-1 in the 52kg sanshou. Note: Information are sourced via GMANewsTv.

What do you think about the first ever Philippine gold medal?

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Not our first olympic gold in exhibition games. We already have atleast 1 since 1988(Cerdenia - Bowling).

Ben said...
August 22, 2008 at 10:40 AM  

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