18 Castaways of Survivor Philippines GMA-7

The 18 castaways of the TV show Survivor Philippines were already revealed yesterday and their names are listed below. There are a total of nine males and nine females, who will be competing for the prize of three million pesos cash prize.

Who will win the first-ever Survivor Philippines? Who will the be the first to go home? That's we have to know as we watch the show from tomorrow onwards.

18 official castaways of GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines:
18 Castaways of Survivor Philippines- Kristina “Kaye” Alipio, 20 years old, lingerie model
- Leona Rica “Nikki” Dacullo, 21 years old, call center agent
- Jervy “Patani” Daño, 20 years old, babysitter
- Veronica “Vern” Domingo, 29 years old, taekwondo coach
- Vevherly Gador, 20 years old, student
- Chevyline “Chev” Macias, 26 years old, former GRO
- Zita Ortiga, 46 years old, laundrywoman
- Maria Nona “Niña” Ortiz, 40 years old, architect/wellness coach
- Anna Charisse Yacapin, 26 years old, product officer

- Marlon Carmen, 30 years old, waiter
- Crisanto “Cris” Cartagenas, 30 years old, company/taxi driver
- Emerson Dino, 31 years old, technician
- Reynaldo “Jace” Chanco Flores, Jr., 19 years old, gym instructor
- John Anthony Lopez, 27 years old, auto mechanic/model
- Raymund Francis “Kiko” Rustia, 27 years old, businessman
- Cesar “Gigit” Sulit, 48 years old, web designer/mountaineer
- Robert Vincent “Rob” Sy, 30 years old, sales officer
- John Carlo “JC” Tiuseco, 23 years old, basketball player

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