2008 Bangkok Dangerous Online Movie Preview

Watch Bangkok Dangerous Online StreamBangkok Dangerous is a 2008 remake of the 1999 film with the same title originally written by Pang Brothers. The movie's official release date was September 5, 2008. It star Nicholas Cage portraying a role of a hit man who is sent to kill four people in Bangkok.

To give you more idea about the movie, just watch the online preview of Bangkok Dangerous below. Currently, an approval rate of 11% by 44 viewers were already tallied in Rotten Tomatoes website. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I will give a review on the movie once I did.

If you are a type of person who love watching crime and action movies and who is a die-hard fan of Nicolas Cage, then this movie is just right for you. By the way, don't forget to watch 2008 WWE Unforgiven later today.

Watch Bangkok Dangerous Online Movie Preview/ Trailer:

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