50 Cent in Manila Philippines on October 3

You heard it right, American rapper 50 Cent will be visiting the Philippines on October 3, 2008. He will have a live concert at the PSC Multipurpose Arena (formerly ULTRA) and perform some of his hit songs like “In Da Club”, “21 Questions”, etc.

50 Cent in Manila Philippines on October 3
So, what are you waiting for? Save some money now and buy your tickets. Ticket Prices of 50 Cents concert in Manila will be 8,240 pesos, 5,150, 4,120, 3,605, 2,060, 1,545, 824, and 515 pesos. You can buy your tickets at Ticket World.

Aside from 50 Cent, don't also miss to watch NFL Games online if you are a big fan of football like me. It's already the week three of the regular season... so tune in to your TV. For more information and complete list of schedule check out NFL Week 3 Live TV Schedule.

Back to the topic about 50 Cents' concert in the Philippines, in case you will miss watching it live, we will try to post here photos and video clips as long as they are available for public view.

50 Cents in Manila Philippines pics and video clips will be placed here, so stay tuned.

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