2008 Hollywood Celebrities Unique Baby Names

Here's the list of 2008 Hollywood stars' quirkiest names for their babies.

BRONX MOWGLI: son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, whom named after one of the toughest boroughs in New York City. The middle name Mowgli was inspired by the scrappy boy hero of Disney's "The Jungle Book."

SUNDAY ROSE: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban baby girl and according to Kidman, Sunday is their favorite day of the week because it can be both lonely and happy depending on whether "you've got your family" around. The baby's second name is a tribute to Urban's grandmother, Rose.

ZUMA NESTA ROCK: Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani's baby boy. Stefani grew up in Southern California and loves Jamaican culture, which might explain her choice of Zuma (a beach in Malibu) and Nesta (the middle name of reggae legend Bob Marley).

HONOR MARIE: Daughter of Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren. Latin in origin, Honor means "woman of honor" and denotes glory, dignity and high rank.

BUSTER TIMOTHY: Son of Jonny Lee Miller and Michele Hicks, who chose to name their son Buster Timothy. The couple balanced the quirkiness with a way more traditional second name.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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