JC Tiuseco is 1st Pinoy Sole Survivor

Yipeee, the spoilers are right all along. JC is indeed the 1st Pinoy Sole Survivor. Congratulations!!! Aside from the title, he also wins a tax-free whooping 3 million cash prize. Wow!!!

JC was announced after first getting five votes, while Rob got two. I am just wondering who voted Rob. Think think. The Boto ng Bayan was counted for JC after getting 97% of text votes.

Congrats to JC and Rob, by the way... I can't wait for the second season of Pinoy Sole Survivor. I opt to join for the cash price. Just kidding.

This is just a short post, and I have to sleep now...

***Featured today: Team Nogueira vs Team Mir UFC Ultimate Fighter

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