Monday Posts To Start The Week - January 26 2009

It's Monday once again... whew!!! Another busy morning I guess. I haven't got enough sleep yet because of busy schedule. By the way, yesterday we watched Underworld Rise of the Lycans and it was a great movie.

I now love the character of Lucian... As for Viktor, he has no exception to the coven. Regardless if Sonja is his daughter, he chose to sentence her death for the sake of the law. I am just thinking, what if all leaders think like him, maybe less will not obey the law. How I wish our government leaders think and comply with the law like Viktor.

As for Kate, I missed her in this movie. She only appeared during the last part. Well, it's because Underworld Rise of the Lycans is a prequel. It just concentrated on the Rise of the Lycans against the vampires, their masters. That's all for now. This is a great movie you should watch. Just be ready to some violence, too.

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