Coach Is Finally Off Survivor Tocantins... Yippeee!!!

I am a big fan of Survivor Tocantins and I see to it I won't miss a single episode. Throughout the season, I always hate Coach's attitude and really wished he will get voted off. For me, it was a miracle he stayed long in the show.

After Tyson was blindsided and got voted off few weeks ago, I always thought Coach will be next. But, it seems good fate is with him to stay longer.

Today, my long long wish is finally granted. Coach is voted off and will no longer be a winner- only part of the jury.

Erinn votes for Coach. Taj votes for Coach. Coach votes for Erinn and actually praises her as the cat with nine lives. Does that mean that the entire vote swings on Stephen? Interesting. Jeff reads the votes in predictable order so that it's 2-2. The deciding vote eliminates... COACH!

Sierra does a happy dance. Erinn smirks. Stephen runs his fingers through his beard. Coach takes the slow walk down the steps and out of the game. In his post-interview, Coach recognizes that it was Stephen who betrayed him, dubbing him the Evil Wizard.

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