Survivor Tocantins Winner Is...

The Survivor: Tocantins Season Finale was aired Thursday night, May 21, 2009 with the battle of the three Jalapao tribe members remaining namely JT, Stephen and Taj and only one Timbira tribe member Erinn for the prize of $1 million.

During the immunity challenge, JT won the immunity after the four contestants raced through a tarantula obstacle course and completed a web shaped puzzle. Taj was voted off at the Tribal Council.

During the final immunity challenge, JT again wins for the third time in a row. Erin was voted off leaving JT and Stephen at the final 2.

As "the warrior" and "the wizard" went before the tribal council, it was "the warrior" JT that persevered in the end and won the vote unanimously, taking home $1 million!

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