Worst and Best Movie Aliens

Yahoo Movies just released their list of "best and worst" movie alien invaders. Here are just some of the different species of interstellar sightseers who came to Earth and either impressed or annoyed us.

AWESOME: E.T. from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
He's short, slow-moving, barely intelligible, and looks like a pile of three-month-old bananas. He can heal cuts, bring plants to life, get someone drunk telepathically, and turn your BMX into a private plane.

Mac is sort of like E.T., except that by the end of the movie, you're actually hoping that scientists dissect him. Where E.T. was so ugly he was cute, Mac goes all the way around back to ugly.

AWESOME: OPTIMUS PRIME from Transformers (2007)
He's about 30 feet tall and changes into a Peterbilt. Add to it an energy rifle, some ion cannons, two energon blades, and a fundamental respect for all living things, and you've got a guy that won't even let dying slow him down.

LAME: RO-MAN from Robot Monster (1953)
Ro-Man, the merciless alien robot who inexplicably looks like a gorilla wearing a space helmet, destroyed nearly every person on the planet with his fearsome "Calcinator" death ray.

AWESOME: THE PREDATOR from Predator (1987)
Some aliens arrive in peace, some are out to conquer. The Predator came to take us out one by one. He stands over seven feet tall, can disappear with cloaking technology, and has the best dreads outside of the Caribbean.

LAME: TERL from Battlefield Earth (2000)
Terl, the sneering, eight-foot-high Psychlo security chief with vinyl upholstery clothes and Milli Vanilla hair, really wants to get off Earth. And after five minutes watching this mind-numbing mess, you'll really want him off the planet, too.

AWESOME: THE GHOULS from They Live (1983)
On the outside, they appear to be bank managers, business executives, and politicians. No different from any other yuppie. But if you look at them through some very special sunglasses, you can see both their frightening alien faces and their subliminal messages with the command: "Obey."

LAME: MAC, WIPLOC & ZEEBO from Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)
Three alien dudes from the planet Jhazzala crash in an L.A. swimming pool and what do they do? Decimate the populace with ray guns? No, they shave off their DayGlo fur and hit the town looking for chicks. Aliens are supposed to act like fearsome conquerors, not rejects from "Entourage."

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