Josiah Leming To Record Album With Warner Bros

Josiah LemingJosiah Leming and Warner Brothers Records. Josiah Leming is an American Idol Season 7 contestant who lived in his car, who made it through the Hollywood week, but not on American Idol top 50. Who can forget a little boy who cried after having his worst performance during the Hollywood week? Actually, he was one of my favorites and my bet too. Too bad he didn't make it. Anyway, here's the real story. TMZ recently reported that Warner Bros. Records has offered him a record deal. It hasn't been signed yet ... but it's close, according to their record industry.

TMz also quoted "But here's the kicker. A prominent record industry honcho told us, With Warner as a label, he'll be back in his car before he knows it. Everyone knows they are not good for his kind of music."

Anyway, I think Josiah has a voice... he only need some maturity and exposure, then he can make his own music journey.

If you missed one of Josiah Leming's performance in American Idol, here's a Youtube video clip where he sung Grace Kelly, which Simon commented as something he will remember during the audition.

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