Tasya Pantasya isYasmin Kurdi

Yasmin Kurdi ImageYasmin Kurdi is Tasya Pantasya. Tasya Pantasya is a fantasy comedy film by Carlo J. Caparas in 1994 starring Kris Aquino and Alvin Patrimonio. The film is going to be adapted by GMA 7 for television and it will star Yasmien Kurdi in the lead role. The teaser was already played in GMA but there is no tentative date yet on when it will be aired. Check out this blog for more updates soon.

The cast of Tasya Pantasya includes:
Yasmien Kurdi as Tasya
Wendell Ramos
Rainier Castillo
Ella Guevara
Sheena Halili
Gladys Reyes
Alicia Mayer
Vangie Labalan

More pictures will be available soon, as well as the trailer and sypnosis.

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