April 16 American Idol Elimination: Kristy Lee Cook Eliminated

American Idol Bottom 3 April 16So the bottom three American Idol Season 7 April 16 Elimination among top 7 finalists were Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, and Syesha Mercado... and Kristy was the one eliminated tonight, April 16 or April 17 in some countries... Surprised? I am sure you are not. I bet a lot of people have been waiting for this moment and a lot of fans are now happier after knowing Kristy was eliminated.

I have nothing against her because I think she is good in her own way, but based on the forums and other blogs that I read, they don't like her staying as one of the finalists in American Idol. Now that Kristy is going home, only six of them will go on with the show. Who will win the American Idol Season 7? Personally, judging from the performances and fan base of each finalist, I will bet for David Archuleta. I think American Idol Season 7 is the battle between the two David's but it will be the younger David who will shine throughout the end. Just my opinion ;0

I will update this post soon for the exit interview of Kristy Lee Cook U-tube video. For now, I just want to break the news that Kristy Lee Cook is eliminated in American Idol April 16 Elimination.

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