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Dyesebel Pics, Dyesebel Photos, Dyesebel Images, Dyesebel PicturesDyesebel TV series will air tomorrow, April 28, 2008 in GMA-7 Kapuso. Check out below the Dyesebel Pics and Photos, Dyesebel Casts and Characters, and Dyesebel Synopsis.

Dyesebel Synopsis/Summary:
The story of Dyesebel begins when human Lucia delivers a beautiful yet unusual baby girl; unusual because, unlike normal babies, Lucia's child is born with fins for legs. The child is called "Dyesebel". And although surprised by their daughter's strange form, Lucia and her husband Tonio promise to love their child no matter what.

But in no time at all, their neighbors discover the couple's secret. And when the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, the town believes that the anomaly that is Dyesebel is to blame; an accusation that leads Lucia to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would fit better.

Unknown to Lucia, it is at the heart of the sea that Dyesebel's adventures and misfortunes will begin, and it is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life-a journey that would take her to the depths of the sea, as well as to chaos of the city.

Dyesebel Cast and Characters:
Main Casts
Marian Rivera as Dyesebel and Kirsten Jane Singrit - the prettiest and most adventurous mermaid who will conquer everything in the name of love. Marian will reprise the well-loved mermaid played in the past by Edna Luna, Vilma Santos, Alma Moreno, Alice Dixson, and Charlene Gonzales.
Dingdong Dantes as Arkin Luciano Magalona/Fredo - a multi-media mogul so full of himself that he doesn't know the meaning of love. But when he got the chance to get a glimpse of Dyesebel's beauty, he hopelessly falls in love with her.

Supporting Casts
Jean Garcia as Lucia - the biological mother of Dyesebel.
Ricky Davao as Don Juan
- the father of Fredo and Shiela Mae.
Mylene Dizon as Dyangga
- the cruel queen of the sea who will make Dyesebel's life in her marine world miserable.
Michelle Madrigal as Berbola - Dyangga's daughter who acts as Dyesebel's friend but actually despises her.
Lotlot de Leon as Banak - Dyesebel's surrogate mother
Alfred Vargas as Erebus - a young merman with royal blood descent who will be secretly in love with Dyesebel.
Marco Alcaraz as Usaro - Dyangga's assistant and lover who will also be secretly in love with Dyesebel.
Paolo Ballesteros as Bukanding - Dyesebel's merman friend whom she will treat as her brother.
Rufa Mae Quinto as Muruha - a mystical sea-creature that will grant the wish of Dyesebel to become a human.
Teri Onor as Akirang - the evil sea-horse.
Charlotte Hermoso as Jelay - Dyesebel's sea-creature friend.
Filiberto Nepomuceno as Butete - another sea-creature who will become Dyesebel's sidekick.
Bianca King as Betty - a model who has feelings for Fredo. She will make Dyesebel's life miserable when she becomes human.
Aljur Abrenica as Paolo - a fisherman who will fall in love with Shiela Mae.
Hero Angeles as Mark - Paolo's fisherman brother who has a grudge against Fredo's family.
Kris Bernal as Shiela Mae - the spoiled brat sister of Fredo.
Luis Alandy as Gildo - a model who will be Fredo's rival.

Guest casts:
Wendell Ramos as Tonio - the father of Dyesebel
Chanda Romero
Chinggoy Alonzo
Andrea del Rosario
Jen Rosendahl
Vaness del Moral
Arkin Luciano Magalona as Young Fredo
Kirsten Jane Singrit as Young Dyesebel

Check out the Dyesebel Pics below:

Dyesebel Image
Dyesebel Image

Image of Marian Rivera as Dyesebel
Image of Marian Rivera as Dyesebel

Fredo and Dyesebel Picture
Fredo and Dyesebel Picture

Marian Rivera as Dyesebel Picture
Marian Rivera as Dyesebel

Dingdong Dantes as Fredo Picture
Dingdong Dantes as Fredo

Sources: Info courtesy of wikipedia.com and photos courtesy of pep.ph

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