Jieriel Papa - PBB Teen Edition Plus 1st Evictee

Jieriel PapaJieriel Papa - 1st Evictee of PBB Teen Edition Plus. Also known as the “Bubbly Girl from Davao,” Jieriel Papa, 16 years old, was the first evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus first eviction night.

Jieriel got the lowest percentage of total votes at 4.59%, Linda got 9.28%, Valerie got 18.66%, Priscilla got 19.98%, and Josef got 47.49%.

Gerry, Jieriel’s stepfather was also evicted from the guardian’s house.

Goodbye Jieriel ;0

We will miss you somehow.

Now, it's only thirteen PBB housemates inside the Big House. Who will be next? Will it be Josef, Linda, Priscilla, Valerie, Rona, Jolas, Robi, Ejay, Beauty, Nicole, Alex, Kevin or Nan? Let's find out next week.

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