American Idol Theme On April 15 2008

I am still in shock on the elimination of my favorite Michael Johns. But as Carly once sung "The show must go on". Now that he is eliminated from the Top 8, only 7 American Idol finalists remains. What is the theme of American Idol today 4/15/2008 and 4/16/2008? I heard they will sing the songs of Mariah Carey. I am still looking for the list of the American Idol song to find out what will they sing and so far, I haven't found yet. let's just watch American Idol tomorrow to find out.

Anyway, who will be eliminated on 4-16-2008 and 4-17-2008? Will it be David Cook (not yet), David Archuleta (of course not), Brooke White (not yet), Jason Castro (maybe not yet), Syesha Mercado (maybe because I have a hard time spelling her name), Carly Smithson (maybe not yet, but there is a possibility), or Kristy Lee Cook (hopefully, finally).

Let's just find out the American Idol April 16 elimination results. Who are the bottom 3? See you there and be ready for Mariah Carey hits ;0

Sexy Pics of Mariah Carey

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