Playboy Philippines Covergirl Priscilla Mereilles April 2008

Playboy Philippines Covergirl Priscilla MereillesPriscilla Meirelles is the very first Playboy Magazine Philippines Cover Girl! Priscilla Meirelles, from Brazil, won the 2004 Miss Earth pageant in Manila, Philippines. Aside from Winning the Miss Earth 2004 title, Priscilla Meirelles also won the 2003 Miss Globe pageant in Antalya, Turkey. She is 5'10" tall and has a 35"-24"-35" figure.

According to some sources, she is dating Filipino commercial model and character actor John Estrada. She was also formerly linked to commercial model Marc Nelson who was the host/presenter of Miss Earth 2004.

The Winning Answer of Priscilla Meirelles:

Final Question in Miss Earth 2004: On a quiet night, you could hear the sounds of nature talking to you. What do you think is its message, and what would you tell it back?

Winning Answer of Miss Earth 2004: “Nature is crying. Love is missing. People don’t respect each other. Other people don’t respect nature and life.” That is why nature is reacting to what people do to her. Love is what would solve to its problem.” Miss Brazil Priscilla Meirelles.

Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla Meirelles also won the title "Miss Cyberpress Earth 2004" awarded by the website after topping a survey participated in by webmasters in 19 pageant-related web portals.

Priscilla Mereilles Priscilla Mereilles Sexy Pics
Sexy Priscilla Meirelles in two-piece

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