American Idol May 7 Elimination Results - Bottom 2

American Idol May 7 Elimination Results - Bottom 2 Syesha Mercado Jason CastroAnother American Idol Season 7 elimination results 5/7/2008 for the remaining top 4 is once again over. Who went home tonight? I mean, who was eliminated on American Idol May 7 elimination night? Who were the bottom 2 on the nights' elimination?

By the way, the special guests on American Idol tonight were Maroon 5 and Bo Bice.

Now, time to know the bottom two among the remaining top 4 finalists. But before that, let's take a quick peek of their performance yesterday's night. Check it out below:
1. David Archuleta sung Stand By Me and Love Me Tender
2. David Cook sung Baba O’Riley and Hungry Like A Wolf
3. Jason Castro sung Mr Tambourine Man and I Shot The Sheriff
4. Syesha Mercado sung Proud Mary and A Change is Gonna Come

In case you haven't watched their live performances, watch it here: American Idol May 6 Performances.

So who were the bottom 2 on American Idol 5/7/2008? The two David's are safe, so this means the two finalists who got the least votes are:
1. Jason Castro
2. Syesha Mercado.

...and it's Jason Castro, who was eliminated on the May 7 American Idol elimination night.

Bye Bye Jason ;0

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