Syesha Mercado - Fever Video Clip + Lyrics

May 13 American Idol Syesha Mercado Sings FeveAmerican Idol Final 3 finalist Syesha Mercado sings Fever, an original hit song by Peggy Lee, on her 5/13/2008 or 5/14/2008 American Idol performance. The piece was Syesha's personal song of choice.

As for the judges comments, Randy Jackson said it was a great performance; Paula Abdul said she looks lovely, thought it was an interesting song choice but didn’t show her who Syesha is as an artist; Simon Cowell said it was a lame cabaret performance.

Included below are the lyrics and video clips of Syesha Mercado singing Fever.

Syesha Mercado - Fever Video Clip 5-13-2008

Syesha Mercado - Fever Lyrics
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