Syesha Mercado - Hit Me Up Video Clip + Lyrics

American Idol May 13 Syesha Mercado Sings Hit Me UpAs for the producer's song choice for the idol wannabees, top 3 finalist Syesha Mercado sings Hit Me Up which was an original hit of Gia Farrell on her American Idol performance 5/13/2008 and 5/14/2008.

For the judges comments, Randy Jackson thought it was just okay for him. Paula Abdul said she did it well, but didn’t think it was a great song choice. Simon Cowell said it was better than the second song, but thought it was forgettable.

Seat back and relax as you watch the video clip of Syesha Mercado singing Hit Me Up. Do you think she will make it to the final two?

Syesha Mercado - Hit Me Up Video Clip 5-13-2008

Syesha Mercado - Hit Me Up Lyrics
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