Codename: Asero - GMA7 TV Series

Codename: Asero - GMA7 TV SeriesCodename: Asero is an upcoming action-drama packed with crime, romance and thriller TV series on GMA-7 Network soon to air by the end of June 2008 or earlier July. The lead roles were played by Richard Gutierrez as Asero and Heart Evangelista as Lucy. Some parts of the series were filmed in Dubai.

I've watched the teaser in GMA-7 and it seems that it is a Pinoy version of Wolverine in Xmen, not totally though. Codename: Asero is the first TV series teamed by Richard and Heart. The question is, will they love-team work? Hmmmn... maybe ;0 This is also the first project of Heart after her network transfer from ABS-CBN to GMA-7.

Other casts include Janno Gibbs, Michael V., Richard Gomez, Ehra Madrigal, Rhian Ramos, Maxene Magalona, Paolo Contis, Bubbles Paraiso, Elvis Gutierrez, Rocky Gutierrez, Caridad Sanchez, Ramon Christopher.

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