Diana Zubiri - FHM Philippines July 2008 Covergirl

Diana Zubiri Nude - FHM Philippines July 2008 CovergirlDiana Zubiri is once again the cover girl of FHM Philippines for their July 2008 edition and this time she is coverless. What do I mean? As you can see it straight on her photo here, she is wearing nothing ;0

Well, not totally because there are 5 things covering her: a blue, pink, silver, brown, and green bracelets. Hehehe.

I am just wondering about her pictures inside the magazine. Will she be still cover-less or covered? Can't wait to buy my own copy ;0

But kidding aside, I think Diana is still as sexy as ever. She deserves to be the 5th sexiest woman here in the Philippines and worldwide ;0

Go go, Diana... you are not only sexy, you are a great actress as well ;0

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