Pinoy Dream Academy 2nd GALA Night Performances

Pinoy Dream Academy 2nd GALA Night PerformancesI watched PDA Season 2 second GALA night performances last night and I was so happy knowing Laarni Losala, Bugoy Bogayan, and Liezel Garcia are on the top three. Judging from the performances of other scholars, I think the three really deserved it.

Actually, I love the performance of Laarni and I was opting she will be the "Star Dreamer", but Liezel did (for the second time). Well, I like the Liezel's voice and I think she deserve it too, but based on the performances, Laarni's was better. But maybe the judges saw something I didn't.

Liezel Garcia sung Count On Me by Whitney Houston. Watch her performance on

Laarni Losala sung As If We Never Said Goodbye by Barbra Streisand Watch her performance on

Bugoy Bogayon sung Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli. Watch his performance on

Go go!!! I know you really deserve it and I am sure you three will be on the Top 5 during the finals ;0

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