Josef Elizalde Gay Video Sc@ndal

PBB Josef Elizalde Gay Video ScandalMarc Josef Elizalde, a PBB Teen Edition Plus former housemate, was alleged to have a gay video sc@ndal in Youtube. After hearing the news, I immediately open Utube website and found a 9-minute video clip wherein he and a friend were caught kissing while hanging out - or should I say having a drinking session. I am not sure if the video was published intentionally or not.

Based from the video, I must say it wasn't actually a wild kiss. Josef simply put a piece of candy (I am not sure if it is a candy or pulutan) between his lips and the other guy (maybe his friend) got the candy on Josef's mouth thru his lips. It wasn't a kiss. It was just a simple-wild gesture of teens having fun while having a drinking session.

It was just an alleged gay video scandal. I thought it was true, but it seems it is another a false alarm. You can watch the clip below and after watching, you can attest Josef is not gay ;0

Josef Elizalde Gay Youtube Video Sc@ndal

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