June 1: Pinoy Idol Second Elimination Results

Pinoy Idol Second Elimination Results on June 1Another elimination night for Pinoy Idol yesterday night, Sunday June 1, 2008 wherein four among the remaining Top 20 hopefuls were sent home. Who are they? Bo other than...

Vren Villaflor, Regene Ong, Sherwin Marquez, and Rye Estrada were eliminated from Pinoy Idol as they got the lowest number of text votes.

My initial reaction after hearing Vren is eliminated was "WHAT!!! Why her?!!" Actually, among the remaining 20 contenders, only her got the talent and performance. Now that she was eliminated, I don't think there is already no excitement in watching the said show. To tell you honestly, Vren was my bet!!!

I still prefer American Idol. No doubt about that. Among the remaining 16 Pinoy Idol hopefuls, I don't think there is still someone who deserve to be the winner. Well... I no longer have a bet so I don't think I will still watch it. Aside from that, I get bored with the host and the judges. Their comments lack constructive criticism.

Just sharing my sassy thoughts ;0

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