Miley Cyrus In Bed With Boy Pictures

Miley Cyrus In Bed With Boy Scandal
Miley Cyrus latest sc@ndal: Miley Cyrus is again the most searched celebrity among Internet users worldwide as a new photo of her leaked from her MySpace account. In the photo as seen above, she was laying down on what looks like a bed or couch with a boy who looks older than her. It was rumored that the guy was a 22-year-old backup dancer named Marshall.

Is the photo really that bad or are people taking these pictures a bit overboard?

It seems that the picture above is not as racy as the one in which Miley Cyrus lied bare belly on the knees with former boyfriend Thomas Sturges. In short, the image is harmless but since it comes after her racy photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine, she may need to issue an apology to her fans.

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it doesnt look like a bad photo but why is the photo so dark it looks like she's in bed with him with the lights off!!! slut

Anonymous said...
September 20, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

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