Jet Singh Drops Out - PDA 3rd Probationary Night

Jet Singh Drops Out - PDA 3rd Probationary NightDuring the 3rd probationary night of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Season 2, Jet Singh finally drops out from the academy.

During the prime-time PDA episodes, Jet was planning of going home because he keep on saying "his family needs me", "I lose my drive", "I don't wanna go to school", etc.

Last night, Mr. C asked Jet again about his decision and finally, he goes home.

Jet was part of the bottom 4 scholars. He got the second lowest score during the 3rd Gala performances. Bea Monuz, Laarni Losala, and Cris Pastor completed the list of probationary scholars.

However, because of Jet's decision to drop out, the other probi scholars are safe from expulsion ;0

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