Miley Cyrus Wet Tshirt At Shower - New Pics Hacked

Miley Cyrus Wet Tshirt At Shower New Pics HackedHere's Miley Cyrus new pics straight from her hacked cellphone!!! The photo shows her soaked in a wet t-shirt. It was originated from Perez Hilton site and he was claiming this dude hacked Miley’s phone and took all kinds of scandal0us materials. The pictures have been spreading the Internet and fanatics are roaming around to be the first one to see them.

Is the gal on the photo really Miley? The photo looks edited with Photoshop, and whoever did it has a great skills using the software. It looks so real...

Perez Hilton noted that, "These photos look very very real. But, we're working under the assumption that they're fake."

If the girl on the picture is really Miley, then I think this is another contr0versy for her!!!

***By the way, just a little worldwide update: Miss Venezuela Daya Mendoza is the winner of Miss Universe 2008, in case you are interested ;0

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