Terminator Salvation Movie Trailer and Preview

Terminator Salvation is an upcoming science fiction action movie starring Christian Bale as John Connor, Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor, and Sam Worthington as the new terminator Marcus Wright.

Release Date: May 22, 2009

Plot: The film is set in 2018, focusing on the original war between humanity and the Terminator computer network Skynet. It abandons the formula of the series (Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Model 101 Terminator time traveling to the present to protect or kill someone of future importance).

But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind.

Director: McG
Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Moon Bloodgood, Common, Jadagrace, Helena Bonham Carter
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Official Website: TerminatorSalvation.com

Terminator Salvation Movie Trailer and Preview

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totally looking forward the new Terminator... Christian Bale tends to do a great job no matter what role he takes

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