Brendan Eliminated From Survivor Tocantins

Did you watch Survivor Tocantins tonight? It is a bad news for me, because my bet, Brendan, is voted off. Why oh why? In case you missed it, check out below for the biggest blindside ever that happened in Survivor history. Yikesss.

At the Reward Challenge, the teams were divided like this: Red (Taj, Tyson and Coach), White (Erinn, Stephen and Sierra), and Black (JT, Debbie and Brendan). Brendan destroyed the final white tile and won the reward for his team. They then chose to send Stephen to Exile Island.

At the Immunity Challenge, Tyson took his second Immunity win in a row.

At Tribal Council, Probst went around to each of the contestants and asked who had found the hidden Idol. Everybody said they didn’t have it, but Brendan quickly shot his hand into the air and said he had found one. Shortly after that idiotic move, everybody voted. When it came time to play the Idol, Brendan sat back and did not play the idol.

As the votes were counted down, Tyson and Coach couldn’t stop smiling as their plan worked. Brendan was the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Tocantins and is now the first member of the jury.


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