American Idol Season 7 Elimination - April 10, 2008

American Idol Elimination April 10American Idol Season 7 elimination night will be aired later today 3/10/2008. Who will be the American Idol bottom 3 this April 10, 2008 elimination? Will they be Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson, and Kristy Lee Cook? Well, they are my wild guesses. I think the three persons mentioned above will be at the bottom three... and who will be eliminated on American Idol this week? Let's wait and see. But if you were to ask my bet, it will be Kristy Lee Cook. I think it's time for her to go. She's been always part of the bottom 3... and maybe today is her moment. Maybe, I could be wrong... let's just wait and watch tonight.

Who wants to make a bet??? Click this link to watch the American Idol performance on April 8.

Picture of Kristy Lee Cook while Singing Anyway on April 8

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